How I Became a Ghostwriter

Jonathan Rick Speaking
How does one become a ghostwriter?

Well, a new profile of yours truly shares the secrets to my success. Here’s an excerpt:

“Rick’s opinion writing appears regularly in places like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, C.N.N., U.S.A. Today, and Fast Company.

“There’s just one catch: His byline rarely appears on the op-eds.

“That’s right. Rick is a professional ghostwriter, one who pens articles and other content on behalf of executives, academics, nonprofit leaders, and virtually anyone else who wants to engage in any sort of thought leadership.

Curious? Check out the full profile. You’ll learn how I built my business on the strength of a slide deck, why you should always write your headline first, and how to cultivate a niche.

Some of my closest friends say they never knew this much about me until they read this article — that’s how good a synthesizer Simon Owens is. (You should subscribe to his must-read newsletter.)

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