Talking the Social Media Walk


Ask any communications agency what it neglects most, and the answer invariably is, Our own PR. The story is as old as the one about the shoemaker’s son going barefoot.

That’s why I’m happy to share three interviews I recently did.

The first one comes from the Washington, DC, chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMADC), where I serve as the associate VP of communications. Each month, AMADC profiles one of its members for the “DC Marketer” e-newsletter. Here’s the write-up.

The second interview comes from my former intern at Susan Davis International (SDI). As SDI’s first intern devoted solely to social media, Hannah Redmond embraced the challenge and set the bar high for her successors. Indeed, she ended up pursuing social media as a career, and today works as a senior flack at Rutgers Business School. Here’s our correspondence.

The third and most recent interview comes from Gary Kaskowitz, who hosts the “Marketing 4.0” podcast. Like Hannah, Gary was a pleasure to speak with, which we did for 45 minutes. Here’s the podcast.

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