How to Think of Social Media

To convert a prospect into a client is a special skill. Sometimes you get lucky and the company has already been contemplating the services you offer. Typically, however, a prospect hasn’t envisioned the various ways you can support his brand.

This is why, when we first sit down with someone, we begin by contextualizing what it is that we do for a living. Instead of tossing around lingo such as “hashtags,” “Klout,” or “search engine optimization,” we present five simple slides on “how to think of social media” (see above).

For example, at this point even Luddites have heard of Twitter. Yet rare is the company making genuinely strategic use of the channel—using its tweets, say, to generate leads, to showcase its services, or to curate content. Once social media is situated within these familiar environs (sales, PR, branding), then it becomes more relatable.

Indeed, only once someone understands what social media is can he appreciate its value—and yours.

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