Business-Development Fellow

Money Tree

Do you want to gain business experience, expand your network, and polish your communication skills — all the while making money? Then come work for the Jonathan Rick Group as a Business-Development Fellow!

You’ll work closely with JRG President Jonathan Rick.

Your Job Title

Business-Development Fellow

Your Core Responsibilities

1. Research new prospects thoroughly; ascertain areas where Jonathan can add value; and identify the appropriate decisionmaker.

2. Cultivate each prospect via email, LinkedIn, and/or the phone.

3. Distinguish qualified prospects from nonqualified prospects.

4. Keep track of prospects and your progress in a clear, detailed Google Sheet.

5. Transfer prospects, at the appropriate time and in a seamless manner, to Jonathan to close the deal.


1. Your writing skills should be exceptional. This means not only that you write clearly, but also commandingly; your emails should spark attention and make someone want to reply.

2. It’s frustrating when a prospect ghosts you. It’s frustrating when he misses a call you’ve scheduled. It’s frustrating when you ask two questions and only get a response to one. Yet it’s imperative that you remain polite and patient always.

3. You’ll be contacting a lot of people, so you must be organized. At a glance, we should be able to see who’ve you been in touch with, what they’ve said, and where things stand.

Next Steps

To apply, please send your résumé and cover letter to