Social Media

Social Media

Social media is our sweet spot. We can help you get started, or we can help you wring greater ROI out of your existing efforts. We can manage your channels directly, or we can advise you on how to perfect them.

Our Philosophy

Our social-media philosophy rests on two principles:

1. Before you entertain a social media strategy, you need a business strategy.

At JRG, we’re big on strategy, so we like to begin with an analysis of your SWOTs (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). To ensure that your social media goals are aligned with your business goals, we’ll audit your entire digital footprint — everything from where you rank for key search terms to what your Wikipedia article says to whether you really need that Snapchat account.

2. Being “socially” savvy matters more than being “media” savvy.

Your social skills — your ability to spin stories and to chat up strangers — are a better predictor of success than your technical talents — your grasp of the differences between a Facebook page and a Facebook group, or knowing how many monthly unique visitors Instagram is now up to. The latter can be learned by many, but the former is a ken mastered by few.

Our social media campaigns flourish because they foster conversation — genuine, two-way, mutually beneficial connections. We don’t just push out information. We also pull it in. We listen. We respond. And we build communities that endure.

Our Services

​Whether you’re looking for day-to-day management or strategic counsel, we provide the following services:

Blogger Outreach
✔ Content Strategy
✔ Editorial Calendars
Search Engine Optimization
SWOT Analyses
Training Workshops
Wikipedia Pages

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