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Workshops by Jonathan Rick

Some people think of trainings, workshops, and seminars as an expense. Smart managers know they’re an investment.

An investment in your team’s professional development, an opportunity to stay abreast of the latest trends, a chance to consider things from a fresh perspective. This is how the top companies in the world stay that way: Because they recognize that learning is a never-ending process.

So, let us bring one of our custom workshops to your team. Give us anywhere from 45 minutes to three days, and we’ll deliver a presentation that’s as educational as it is entertaining. Time permitting, we can also hold one-on-one consultations on site, where people can apply the lessons they’ve just learned to their own work.


Here are a few firms that have booked workshops with JRG:

✔ The Berkeley Research Group
✔ Booz Allen Hamilton
✔ The Department of Homeland Security
✔ The Food and Drug Administration
✔ Generali Global Assistance
✔ Johns Hopkins University
✔ JPMorgan Chase
✔ Nascar
✔ Soma
✔ The United States Chamber of Commerce
✔ Visa

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