Are You Developing a PowerPoint Presentation? Don’t Do It Yourself — Hire a Pro!


Let’s be honest: PowerPoint has a bad reputation. But the problem with PowerPoint isn’t PowerPoint. The problem is the way people use PowerPoint.

For example, most people develop their decks by following an all-too-common format: A forgettable headline, trailed by a series of unwieldy bullet points, imposed on an off-the-rack template. And that’s to mention nothing of cheap pics or overused fonts. Want to bore your audience? This is exactly how to do it.

By contrast, I believe passionately that a slide deck ought to be a work of art. It should translate your ideas into visual aids. It should bring to life a story — told, as the best stories are, with an easily graspable beginning, middle, and end; with rich images; and with key points given space to flex their muscles.

Used in this way, your presentation becomes something people want to read and will remember, rather than something they need to read and will instantly forget.

Why JRG?

Most writers can script a story, but they don’t know how to exploit PowerPoint beyond using one of those built-in templates. Similarly, most designers can develop interesting images, but they’re all thumbs when it comes to the editorial side of a project.

With me, you get the best of both worlds: Not only can I build visuals that are striking; I can also craft words that resonate. In other words, I’m both a designer and a writer.

At your request, I can also coach you on public speaking, audience interaction, and promotional efforts.


Here are a few examples of work I’ve done for clients:

Briefings. Wrote and designed a presentation for the Food and Drug Administration’s Chief Scientist to brief the incoming Biden-Harris Administration.

Sales. Wrote and designed sales presentations for a consumer-focused PR agency, which enabled it to win million-dollar accounts with Galderma, Invisalign, and Natera.

Fundraising. Wrote and designed a pitch deck for an investment firm that specializes in retail, thus helping it to close its second multimillion-dollar fund.

Fundraising. Wrote and designed a pitch deck for a fintech startup, thus helping it to raise $2.5 million.

Fundraising. Wrote and designed a pitch deck for a startup that brings price transparency to clothes shopping, thus helping it to close $1 million in seed funding.

Training. Wrote and designed a training deck for the groundbreaking Food Safety Ambassadors Program, by which Agriculture Department staff use their social networks to amplify the food safety message.

For my own decks, check out my SpeakerDeck channel.

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Here’s the five-point guidance I give to all clients. Here’s an article I wrote about the most-important slide in your pitch deck. And here’s my workshop on the use and abuse of PowerPoint:


“Jonathan is among the most reliable and responsive professionals with whom I’ve ever worked. His recommendations are spot-on and his follow-through is thorough and effective. I recommend his services to anyone seeking creative solutions that make a real difference in the bottom line.” —Gene Grabowski, kglobal

“You gave us so much to work with, and our work is so much better thanks to your skills and research! You really captured the essence of the client, its ethos, and its future. We are beyond grateful for your expertise and clever and insightful writing.” —Grace Leong, HUNTER

“Jonathan is a master marketer. He possesses that rare combination of being able to create a compelling message and leverage technology for widespread impact. Jonathan is a true leader in his field, respected by his peers and extremely knowledgeable about the latest trends, strategies, and tactics.” —Greg Galdabini, HudsonLake Strategic Communications

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