Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Google Search

Everyone knows you need to optimize your website for search engines. But to do it right requires much more than stuffing keywords into your headlines.

For example, is your H1 tag different from your title tag? Are your pictures tagged? Are you serving different landing pages for different inbound links? Are you adapting your copy in response to traffic patterns?

Once we’ve nailed down these technical tactics, we focus on new material. This is the heart of SEO: developing content that’s snackable and thus sharable. This way, your hard work won’t get swept away in Google’s next algorithm update.

Social Media Optimization

Finally, because the top websites are designed to go viral, we complement our SEO with SMO, or social media optimization. We prime your site to proliferate, making it irresistibly tweetable and likable and pinnable and diggable. We specialize in transforming content that you reluctantly email to your mother (“Mom, do me a favor and click on this — it’s for work”) into content she eagerly emails to you (“Your father just showed this to me — you gotta see it!”).

Further Reading

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