Are You Developing a PowerPoint Presentation? Don’t Do It Yourself — Hire a Pro!


Let’s be honest: PowerPoint has a bad reputation. But the problem with PowerPoint isn’t PowerPoint. The problem is the way people use PowerPoint.

For example, most people develop their decks by adhering to an all-too-common format: a headline, followed by a series of bullet points, for each slide. That’s a surefire way to bore and lose your audience.

By contrast, we believe that a deck shouldn’t be a data dump, but a story. After all, PowerPoint, unlike Word, is a medium that rewards big bold visuals and striking typography. And instead of shoehorning several points onto each slide, the best decks limit each slide to a single big idea.

Used in this way, your presentation becomes something people want to read, rather than something they need to read.

Our Philosophy

Most designers can develop interesting images, but are all thumbs when it comes to the editorial side of a project. Similarly, most writers can script a story, but don’t know how to do much in PowerPoint beyond using one of those built-in templates.

With the Jonathan Rick Group, you get the best of both worlds: Not only can we create striking visuals; we can also craft language that resonates. In other words, we’re expert designers and writers.

Why JRG?

While each project is unique, we generally follow a straightforward process:

1. Kick-Off Call. We’ll establish a game plan (what size slides you need, how much time you have, what are our due dates are); discuss big picture stuff (your audience, your story, your tone); and brainstorm key messages and a show flow.

2. Outline. We’ll draft an outline for your review. (If you already have a deck, we’ll outline our principal recommendations for your approval.)

3. Draft #1. Once you approve the outline, we’ll develop the deck.

4. Feedback. You’ll provide feedback.

5. Draft #2. We’ll deliver a second draft.

6. Final Feedback. You’ll provide feedback.

7. Draft #3. We’ll deliver the final deck, and rehearse each slide together.

At your request, we can also coach you on delivery techniques, opportunities for audience interaction, promotional efforts, and other tactics.


Here are a few examples of work we’ve done for clients:

✔ Developed and designed extensive pitch decks for Gold PR, which enabled it to win million-dollar accounts with Galderma, Invisalign, and Natera.

✔ Developed and designed a pitch deck for Broad Reach Retail Partners, an investment firm that specializes in retail, thus helping it to close its second multimillion-dollar fund.

✔ Developed and designed a pitch deck for Point 93, a startup that brings price transparency to clothes shopping, thus helping it to close its first round of seed funding.

✔ Developed and designed a who-we-are-and-what-we-do deck for the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Office of the Chief Scientist, for delivery to the FDA’s new commissioner.

✔ Created a training deck for the groundbreaking Food Safety Ambassadors Program, by which Agriculture Department staff use their social networks to amplify the food safety message.

For our own decks, check out our SlideShare channel.


“Jonathan is among the most reliable and responsive professionals with whom I’ve ever worked. His recommendations are spot-on and his follow-through is thorough and effective. I recommend his services to anyone seeking creative solutions that make a real difference in the bottom line.” —Gene Grabowski, kglobal

“Jonathan is a master marketer. He possesses that rare combination of being able to create a compelling message and leverage technology for widespread impact. Jonathan is a true leader in his field, respected by his peers and extremely knowledgeable about the latest trends, strategies, and tactics.” —Greg Galdabini, HudsonLake Strategic Communications

Next Steps

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